Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Me, me, me...sorry for the self-centeredness.

Well, I'm back and the same problems exist...what to write about.

I'm scared about this new job. Walter Reed is a big place...I hope I don't get lost in it.

I've caught up with all the "Simpsons" episodes for this season, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Are they as funny as they used to be, or are the writers caught up in "being wacky" instead so the essence of the show is gone? I'm not sure what to think on that.

I have found that laptops are nice to have. We had to return the first one due to a system crash (note: DO NOT BUY ACERS AS THEY ARE MADE OF LOTS OF REFURBISHED PARTS AND ARE NOT DEPENDABLE). We wound up with a Dell and it's pretty nice. We named it "Florence" after my late aunt whose inheritance made this purchase possible.

I'm debating whether to install Limewire on my computer again...I think I've got enough music on my mp3 player for now and it's better to hold off, but the musichead in me just screamed MORE MORE MORE. *sigh*

I got my first Christmas letter of the season from a friend who is going through a divorce. However, she sounds pretty bitter about it and I know both sides of the story so I'm not sure what to think other than I wish her peace of mind. (Sorry for the run on sentence.) Divorce is so hard to navigate through, and there's always two sides to every story.

I haven't interacted much with DD since I left NOAA and I feel OK with that. I've talked to him on the phone a few times and that's about it. I guess I've come full circle or something. I just hope he's not back on the nose candy but something tells me he either went back or he's switched addictions to alcohol. Weird.

Anyway...that's all I've got for today. I'll write more when I'm inspired.