Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Quest Continues

Well, so far I have three possibilities for interviews...and that's a good thing. I keep applying through Monster and other job sites, and I'm keeping my hand in the game.

I've been fighting off early morning panic attacks, yet I'm still dependent on caffeine to pick me up in the mornings.

I have good friends back home, here in DC and in Blogland so I can't complain too much about feeling alone. As a matter of fact, my former boss (not the CIO, but my former contracting boss) is hosting a luncheon for me on Friday since I didn't get to say good bye to anyone. I thought that was so sweet, and OF COURSE I'M GOING...I don't turn down free food; that'd be un-American.

So take heart, fair readers...apparently I can handle a lot more than I expected to. As Chumbawamba says, "I get knocked down, but I get up again; ain't nobody gonna keep me down..."

However, I don't take a whiskey drink or a lager drink or whatever other drinks are in the song, but I have a tendency to piss the night away.