Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's to the lady who lunches...

Apparently, people at my old job (jeez, it feels weird to say that) miss me, and I'm going to a luncheon at Mi Rancho in Silver Spring in order to see them.


I didn't think I mattered to them so much, but I guess I was wrong.

Now, all I need is that buoyancy of knowing I'm cared about to carry me through the coming weeks until I find another job. That's the hardest part of all.

In other news, it's looking like rain today and tomorrow, but it's D's birthday tomorrow so we're going to have fun even if it kills us. It's his big 4-0 tomorrow. I take comfort in the fact that no matter how old I get, he'll always be older than me. Hee hee.

So as I soldier on through the weekend, again I say thanks to all my friends in Blogland and elsewhere for the support. I appreciate it very much.