Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, You Live In A Zoo, you look like Madonna and smell like her too...

If I hear another word about Madonna being fabulous and 50, I am gonna hurl. Seriously.

I never thought Madonna was fabulous...I thought she was getting paid very well to dress in slutty clothes and sing through her nose. To me, that's not fabulous.

This article quotes a woman who calls Madonna "awesome", and while I don't doubt that Madonna is in good physical shape, to me she's running scared from aging. Tina Turner still looks good and takes care of herself, but I think she's accepted aging a lot more gracefully than Madonna ever has or ever will. So have many other older actresses...Rita Moreno is one I can think of right off the top of my head. Madonna just looks kind of scary now...all bones and sinews, no softness. Maybe that's just a personal opinion, but that is what my blog covers pretty much.

Who do I think are fabulous women? Women like my friends, and women like my mom and sister...they're all women who work hard, love their families and don't get caught up in being a self-centered ho-bag like Madonna. They're good people who just keep on keepin' on (to use a worn out phrase). They may not jet-set around the world and play to full stadiums, but they have loving hearts and are superstars to me.

One of my friends finished college and law school as a single parent.

Another one has four kids (one of them special needs) and runs a digital marketing firm with her husband.

Still another has celebrated 29 years as a music teacher in my hometown school district.

Just because they don't have all their fat liposuctioned off and spend all their free time at the gym doesn't make them lesser beings.

So Madonna, sorry hon, but I'm not too thrilled with ya. Give me Annie Lennox any day.