Thursday, June 05, 2008

tote that barge, lift that bail...back to work I go

Yep...I'm back, after a day of hacking, blowing my nose and taking many naps.

I feel a lot better!

My voice still sounds like crap, but it doesn't hurt to talk so I'm talking. I do have my handy cup of ice chips and my box of Plantation Mint tea so I have reinforcements.

It never fails how much I depend on my throat, even when I'm not singing. I have to answer the phone ("first on phones" is what we say in the biz...) and yesterday was NOT a good day for me to answer phones. I get all paranoid when my throat I practically want to wrap myself in a body cast so nothing else can get me. I think it's a singer thing, but I don't know.

I love my job for the most part, but I really wish sometimes that I didn't have to answer phones all the time...that way I could go to work with a sore throat and life would somehow be easier. But here I sit, all quasi-perky and ready to go. It's weird...when I answer the phone I sound like a Stepford wife (albeit a husky-voiced one today), and when I talk to others my voice is a lot more versatile; more "me", I guess.

Anyway, enough about my damned throat.

So YEAH...Hillary's out of da race, and she's backing Obama. However, she's angling for the VP spot, and I don't think Obama wants her. Let's face it...I don't think their personalities would mesh, and she'd be forever angling that she's the brains of the operation. If she could keep her aggressiveness in check, she'd probably be a good choice, but if she can't the effects could be deadly for the campaign.

Beyond that, I got nothin'. But hey...if you're new here, check out my archives...with over 1000 entries, there's gotta be something in here you like. Right?


Oh well...smooches to all y'all!