Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moment of Dad..."Handkerchiefs"

I'm still saddened about the passing of George Carlin. I really thought he was a funny man, and irreverence is something much treasured here at Rancho Sudiegirl.

What amazes me is that George Carlin is in the same general age group as my dad, but their lives were SO different. Let's face it, my dad was working a straight job and raising kids while George Carlin was performing and raising kids. I'd probably have to say that George's daughter had a different childhood (and a more colorful vocabulary) than mine.

But since Dad and George were in the same general age group, I have to ponder this...did George Carlin ever use a handkerchief?

The reason I ask this is because for many years, my dad used a handkerchief all the time. I don't know if it's a generational thing or what, but Dad ALWAYS had a handkerchief. Sometimes it was a white one (don't remember if they were monogrammed), sometimes it was a red or blue bandanna.

But he always had one with him. He had one drawer dedicated to hankies, and it was regularly raided by my sister and I.

Why? Because when hankies are artfully draped and bound with rubber bands, they make divine evening gowns for Barbie dolls. I don't know how many times he had to strip our Barbies because he was running out of hankies.

My mom had handkerchiefs as well, but hers were the pretty lacy kind that you would never dare blow your nose with for fear they'd fall apart. Dad's hankies were built to last. Dad could pull out his hankie at a moment's notice to dry the tears of his three "girls" and other females who needed tears wiped away. Hankies and cigarettes were the two most identifiable signs of Dad in my mind.

So yeah...I wonder if George Carlin was a "hankie man" like Dad or if he used Kleenex instead. I guess I'll never know now.