Saturday, May 03, 2008

a thank you...

Take a look at this list.

Now - I can honestly say that my 2nd husband enlightened me in the ways of weird musicians. Why?

Because I know about half of these musicians. (Not personally, just "knowing of" them.)

I don't give Ed enough credit for helping me be the person I am today. We had a stormy relationship and are no longer together, but he did have an impact on my life and still does today. Among other things he's shown me:

1) It's OK to be in your 30s and like crayons.

2) It's OK to make fun of bad movies (however, I draw the line at paying full admission price to see one) and treasure them for their ultimate cheesiness.

3) Cartoons can be watched actively and studied as much as a good film can be, and it's OK to like them and laugh loudly.

4) It's OK to be yourself

5) He taught me how to watch a movie analytically, although I'm backsliding a bit.

6) He reminded me that cats are wonderful creatures

7) He was good to my nieces and nephew

8) He introduced me to tuna salad with a smidge of curry in it

9) He loved my cat as much as I did

10) He tried to love me and I didn't always let him, but he tried. I'm hard to love, just ask anyone.

So Ed, thanks for helping me be me. And thanks to all who helped me be OK with that, including Ed.