Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mom Time..."things my mom knows how to do that I think are cool..."

I've already written about my mom's abilities with target shooting.

Here are some other things about my mom that I think are cool:

  • She can sew...and sew WELL
  • She can cook...and cook WELL
  • She can make patterns for purses, then make the purses
  • She can play jacks and tiddly-winks
  • She's a leftie that can eat right-handed
  • She can quilt
  • She can write stories about life in her old neighborhood
  • She can forgive people
  • She can wax poetic about Charlton Heston's chest (as well as Yul Brynner's chest)
  • She can hold her own in a conversation about politics
  • She appreciates trivial knowledge
  • She likes Foghorn Leghorn and Pepe Le Pew
  • She can sit through a classical concert or a rock concert (specifically, Paul Simon, which I'm not sure counts as rock but it does to her so there we go).
  • She's been to New York City
  • She knows all the lines to "A Visit From St. Nicholas", or at least knows where to look when we get stuck on a line.
  • She remembers her kindergarten room, and she remembers going to the gymnasium to listen to FDR's funeral on the radio when she was in the first grade.
  • She used to know how to do shorthand.
  • She can dance
  • She's delivered baby chicks to postal customers before, as well as bees and the occasional coconut.
So there ya go - there's today's entry. What's cool about your moms, people?