Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Hail Queen Chloe!

The girl to the left is named Chloe Marshall. She's British, sixteen years of age and studying beauty therapy.

She's a finalist in the Miss England competition.

She also wears a size sixteen.

This girl is beautiful...no lie. Yahoo! has video of her as well, and she's quite graceful and confident. She is the first plus-sized contestant that the Miss England pageant has ever had.

This is a coup for the beauty pageant world, y'all. Usually, you can count on beauty queens to have a nice - albeit generic - look. Yes, even Miss Universe tends to have the same body type regardless of its international influence. They're all long-legged, not too curvy, and all a certain size or below. No variety.

Let's just hope that if Ms. Marshall wins, she's looked at as a whole person, not just a clothing size. Maybe American girls can take a cue from Chloe and be OK with themselves. I'm not there, but Chloe's victory has given me a little boost in the confidence arena.

Again, all hail Queen Chloe! Kick some butt! Kick Some Butt!