Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why should dad have all the fun? Here's a "Moment of Mom"!

The picture to my left is of my glorious mom.

I realized that I don't write about her so much...and maybe I should, even as she's in the land of the living.

My mom is pretty great - she's got her faults like everyone else, but I guess as I get older I realize how much she did right. With that in mind, I'm going to have a "Moment of Mom" here in the blog every once in a while. Hope you all don't mind. If you do, tough noogies because I'm gonna write about her anyway.

Today's installment is "atypical Mom". Mom is a typical mom who grew up in the '40s and '50s...but in some aspects she's atypical. She'd probably say she's not, but I know better.

Mom - and I'm proud to say this - was a crack shot. By that I mean she could shoot at a target with her very own Colt .357 Python and hit it good. I did not inherit her "markswomanship" at all. If I was on a rifle range, I would probably be more likely to hit the person next to me than the target in front of me. So right there is an activity that many moms her age might not take on in their free time. I'm sure there are other moms out there who may do things of this nature, but they're not MY mom, and we're talking about MY mommy today so there, nyah.

Mom is typical in many other ways. But this is something that really stands out in my mind and (in my opinion) makes her stand out from other moms.

However, my friend Thumper rides a kickin' motorcycle. So maybe she's an atypical mom too? Go check out her blog in my blogroll (Titled "Thumper Thinks Out Loud", it's toward the bottom of the blog) and see if you agree.

I think Thumper and my mom would get along famously...Mom would teach her how to shoot and Thumper would teach Mom how to burn rubber. This world has a tendency to bring together people like this...who knows?

Thumper, hope you're readin' this one!