Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just shows that celebrities aren't that different from real people...

Heath Ledger (or rather, the remainders of his life here on earth in the form of his estate) just can't stay dead, can he?

Now, the family is arguing over who should be in charge of his estate. Heath's dad says it should be him. Heath's uncles think it should be someone else.

This makes me think of that "Simpsons" episode where the neighborhood is trying to form a neighborhood watch group. Ned Flanders says a group should be formed, and when someone nominates him, he turns it down. Moe the Bartender then screams, "Someone else!"

Homer replies back, "I'm someone else!"

One of Homer's friends from the plant says, "He's right!" So as a result of Homer being someone else, he's now in charge.

Therefore, I'm nominating my own bad self to be in charge of Heath Ledger's estate.

I have the credentials because I'M SOMEONE ELSE!

Quit fighting, you damned Aussies. The answer is right here and I has spoken.