Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Even though I know she's been around, I have discovered Blossom Dearie.

She is so cool!

For us Gen X'ers, she sang a couple tunes on "Schoolhouse Rock", but in her day (and still to this day), she was a chick singer/pianist (as Ed H. would describe her.

Dearie has a voice that some may like and some may not. The tone itself sounds like a little girl's, but if you open your mind up a little bit, that tone is the hook for the listener.

Blossom Dearie has it goin' on, mah friends. She knows that her look and her voice don't necessarily match, and that alone will make a listener perk up his/her ears. They're thinking they'll hear a Peggy Lee-type voice and they don't. But that voice is still worthwhile - full of humor, skill and fun.

Here's a sample of her work...

I know - I sound pretentious. Shut up already.