Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Video of the Day and other stuff...

I have to say that Jeff Goldblum is in my "Unlikely Sexy Guys" pantheon. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

OK - now back to our regularly scheduled program...

First up...a question...are John Edwards and Ken Berry one person, or were they separated at birth?

Here are the make the choice!

RIP to John Edwards' presidential campaign, BTW...alas, the "Cutie Patootie" ticket of Edwards and Obama is not meant to be. Oh well, maybe Obama will ask Jamie Foxx to be his running mate. You'd definitely get me to the voting booth if that were the case.

Next, I have been working hard to get to the blogs on my blogroll, but it's kind of difficult to do some days. Don't despair...I will come and read you all...I may be behind, but I'll catch up.

Finally, other than the Edwards/Berry connection, I got nothin' today. Seriously. Yesterday's post was a whammy and I'm still trying to collect my thoughts.

But happy almost-end-of-January!