Friday, January 18, 2008

This n That...

Out sick yesterday, PLUS I'm tired of doing political funny stuff. Let the politicians take care of that their own bad selves.

Lots of stuff in my head in preparation for the three-day weekend. Let me share...

1. I'm not a fan of Britney Spears, as you all well know. However, I heard on the radio that AP (Associated Press) already has Brit's obituary written and ready to go. How sad. The vultures are circling, and although much of what she's going through is as a result of bad choices, I hate the thought that someone so young is deemed "doomed". (I'm a poet but don't know it though my feet show it cuz they're "Long Fellows".)

2. My hometown's school superintendent is screaming "cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks". The SEIU is in negotiations with the school board right now...not sure about the teacher's union, but I'm sure they're saddling up the negotiation ponies too. hometown seems to go through cycles of redemption and worthlessness. Needless to say, I think they're on the bottom end of the cycle right now. Apologies to Iowegians from the area that read this blog and are insulted, but hey...opinions are like noses. Everyone's got one. Some are big, some are small, some are filled with snot and blood. Others have beans stuck up them, which is something MY mom taught me not to do. That's one of the few maxims that's been in the forefront of MY consciousness. Although I might try to stick a bean up my nose just once to see what it feels like, I won't tell my mom I did it.

3. One of my cousins back home has opened up a...well, hell, I'm not sure WHAT to call it. Technically it's a "bar", even though he's been going around and around with the county inspectors as far as what he needs to do to bring the joint up to spec. However, what has ME steamed is that he charges $5.00 for bottles of BEER, and $10 for cocktails. I'm sure he has a little loan office right next to the bouncer's stool so one can take a second mortgage out on their house before ordering a round. It's so strange...this kid used to be pretty down to earth, but now he just seems like a pretentious little lapdog for the Washington community theater set. Yuk. He's one of those who makes a POINT of telling everyone he listens to NPR. I hate those people. Makes me want to hijack the NPR studios and stage a polka marathon, ya know?

4. My new kitten is a spaz. She bit my finger so hard that I yelped in pain while on the phone with DD a couple nights ago. What a brat...she uses the "cute" to get her way. I wish I knew her secret. I never get away with the s**t she does. Even in my salad days I could only get away with limited stuff. Damn. Not fair.

5. We have snow in the area again...but people seem to be handling it fairly well. At least we have a three day weekend for people to be idiots and crash into things.

6. My mother adopted a dog over Christmas and she lets it sleep on the couch in the living room. NOT FAIR! She didn't let the previous dog sleep on the couch...but I guess maybe it makes sense because the previous dog liked to roll around on dead skunks and stuff and this new dog is a weenie indoor-type dog.

7. The next entry will be the 1000th one for this good ol' blog. I am not going to waste it on politics. If anyone has ideas on what my 1000th entry should be about, please leave them in the comments. Otherwise, I'll just have to make s**t up and I know how you all hate that.

So Happy Friday and I'll type at ya later.