Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan Primary Madness! More "captions that didn't make it"

Mitt Romney and a campaign staffer were caught by Holiday Inn staff after flushing a variety of items down the toilet of Romney's suite. Among the items recovered: a Detroit phone book, a Domino's pizza box, and one of Mrs. Romney's shoes. Romney was quoted as saying, "Damn! I didn't think the phone book would go down so fast!" Yellow Pages had no comment.
After the "flushing incident", Romney received a call on his cell phone from an un-named source. Mr. Romney was quoted as responding, "Why no, I don't have Prince Albert in a can. Why do you ask?"
When asked for his opinion on Romney's predilection for flushing questionable items, John McCain responded, " wife doesn't let ME flush stuff down the toilet. I never get to do anything!" He then mumbled something about "takin' my ball and bat and goin' home." The ball and bat had no comment, nor did Mrs. McCain.
When asked about final thoughts on the Michigan primary turnout, McCain was quoted as saying, "Maybe I didn't win, but Romney is STILL lookin' for Prince Albert!" Prince Albert had no comment.