Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Caption A Day Keeps the Pundits Away...and other stuff...

Rejected caption of the day:

When addressing a group of pre-school teachers in Columbia, S.C., Hillary Rodham Clinton opened her speech with an impromptu cry of, "Look at me, look at me, I'm a pretty bumblebee!" Cookies and milk were distributed after Ms. Clinton recited her ABCs and sang "I'm a Little Teapot". Bill Clinton was fingerpainting and could not be reached for comment.

See? This way I get to do the writing thing, and make mah peeps happy all at the same time.

Well, my MLK Jr. Day came and went and I'm home sick AGAIN today. It was a bit of a rough holiday weekend...but dem's da berries. I have to get a new prescription for all my meds, and thanks to my lovely insurance crapola that happened this summer (as in my previous contractor's insurance wasn't worth spit), I had to piece-meal my meds out. This is NOT a good method to utilize, children...it's a pain in the a$$ to have to play amateur alchemist and figure out EXACTLY how many days one can go without Paxil CR before they start having panic attacks the size of Rhode Island.

So your favorite li'l nugget of joy forgot to actually CHECK and see how many Paxil pills she had left in her current prescription before she renewed, and she had a grand whoppin' total of TWO.

Nobody to blame but myself either...and Tony Danza.

SOOOO...called the psych and I had to schedule an appointment, so the plan is to go to urgent care OR the emergency room (the emergency room is probably the better option), and get my med prescription there for one month's time...so that way I'll be ready for my psych in two weeks.

BTW, I'm not really sure I like this psych but she did get me on the Lamictal train and I LIKE Lamictal so there you go.

Plus, DD has been calling a lot...and defocusing on the big problem in favor of (what I feel) is a smaller one. He feels his biological clock ticking (I thought only women had those...) and he is pining for a woman who treats him (from what he says, anyway) like garbage.

*sigh*...I'm tired.

So I want cookies and milk, and I want my mommy and I want a story.

OH well...the story sounds like the option I'll get the quickest.