Monday, December 03, 2007

Oprah's favorite things vs. Sudiegirl's "crap ya gotta have" 2007!!!!

OK - now if you all have been reading my blog, you all should know that the word best describing Oprah and her opinions on things is "disdain".'s true...if you type in "Oprah Winfrey" and search through my blog, you will not find glowing reports. Glowing red hot pokers to wave around at her if she gets on my nerves too much, but not glowing accolades.

So with baited breath, I awaited the listing of Oprah's Christmas must-haves for 2007. And she came through like a champ. Instead of listing all of them in one entry (which will annoy my readers), I'll profile one or two of them at a time, and providing you with MY selections, a.k.a. "Sudiegirl's "crap ya GOTTA have!"

1st item for today:


"My first favorite thing is state of the art and I carried it around with me all through Macon," Oprah says.

The Samsung SC-HMX10C is so small it literally fits in the palm of your hand. This high definition digital camcorder records everything on a chip so you can download your video directly to your computer. With the flip of a switch, the camcorder becomes a camera that snaps picture-perfect digital photos. "It's fantastic," Oprah says. "It's so easy, even I can do it!"

list price: $799.99 (and change)

Sudiegirl's notes and item o' comparison...

*****Note to Oprah: Do you think it helps your credibility when you say something's so easy, even you can do it? What does that say about YOU? It might say, "I'm so technically challenged that I can't even get my picture taken at a photo booth without screwing it up...", might it not?

So ya better hold off on that li'l marketing tagline. Just sayin'.

Second point: what about those folks who don't CARE about high definition at the holidays? I mean, we need to see cousin Virgil's large pores at Christmastime?

Do we NEED to look at fruitcake's many colors (all of them awful)?

How about those shocking pink bunny slippers that Great Aunt Hildy keeps sending you even though the colors send you into epileptic seizures? Do we NEED to see these things in all their high definition glory?

I say no.

Therefore, let me present to you...the JVC GR-SXM38 VHS Camcorder. Here's the product description courtesy of Yahoo! shopping:

JVC GR-SXM38 features a compact stylish design. The 25x's optical zoom, 2.5" LCD and built-in auto-light make this SVHS-C camcorder really stand out. It uses Super VHS recording to deliver up to 60% better resolution for better quality home movies. For quality and economy, the Super VHS ET mode lets you take those high-resolution videos using any VHS-C tape. For compatibility with any VHS video recorder, standard VHS is also available. A 2.5" LCD view screen allows the camera to be operated from any angle, for maximum comfort. The picture stabilizer gets rid of annoying picture shake. The 1000X digital zoom makes sure you don't miss any of the action. A built-in light improves the picture in nighttime situations.

You've still got the better resolution but it's not that high-falutin' HD crap. And what's more...ka-CHING...the price at Circuit City is $179.99. Woo-hoo!

Tune in tomorrow to find out what Sudiegirl thinks of UGG.

PS: I'm not a paid endorser of the products I pick out for "Sudiegirl's crap you gotta have", BTW...I merely share what I find. I live to give, y'all.