Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Limey questions...

(This is from the "Careful what you ask for" department - my buddy Lime was offering to interview her online buddies and so I leapt into the breach. Here are her questions and my answers.)

1. i know music plays a central role in your life and that you have eclectic tastes. i love it too and tend to choose what i listen too based on my mood. tell me what you listen to for the respective moods angry, sad, elated, pensive, frisky, and at peace.

Wow...you started out with a deep one, huh? Well, I'll answer this as best I can...

1) Angry: either "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J or "Song For The Dumped" by Ben Folds
2) Sad: "Stars and the Moon", sung by Audra McDonald
3) Elated: "Walkin' On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves
4) Pensive: "A Simple Song" from Leonard Bernstein's Mass
5) Frisky: "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing", Stevie Wonder
6) At Peace: the 2nd movement of John Rutter's "Gloria" (I'll send the mp3 if you aren't familiar)

2. what is the most important thing you wish people understood about bi-polar disorder?

That it's not a CHARACTER FLAW! Also, I wish people understood that this illness is not the same for each person...just as each person is different, the disease affects them differently. Some abuse substances to fill the void - others gamble - others shop till they drop - others take other risks. Don't put us all in one basket!

3. what has chelmsford been up to lately and what is he hoping to receive for christmas this year since he already has a fanged flying monkey?

First of all, I never said he HAD the monkey. He WANTS it. There's a difference. When he gets a job that requires more than licking his butt and trying to lick his "sister's" butt, then he can buy all the fanged flying monkeys he wants. I'm not sure what he wants for Christmas...every time I say the word he runs away. Great..the 512th thing he's scared of this month. Stop the presses. As far as what he does during his free time, I'm pretty sure it includes hiding.

4. stealing an idea from my own interview....if you had to sell your state to me where would you start?

Well, I have two states to choose from, and since I technically know a little bit more about Iowa I'll go with that.

If I had to sell Iowa, I'd probably pitch it thusly:

Hey folks! How would you like to buy the same state that brought you "Field of Dreams", "The Bridges of Madison County", and Tom Arnold? (OK...Tom Arnold MIGHT not be a good selling point but I'm sure he has a fan out there...)

How about a state that hosts the Amana Refrigeration company, the Sterzings Potato Chip factory, and a federal prison? No?

Well...OK...how about one of the top university/teaching hospitals and one of the best law schools in the country?

Nuts to that too, huh?

OK - hard sell time - here we go...here's the super-secret guaranteed sure-fire thingie:

Buy Iowa...even if you have to buy it just to get Minnesota and Illinois.
In all seriousness, though...I'm not sure how I would sell my home state. Many folks that live there like it, but I got out because I wanted to get out. That's just the god's honest truth.

If you had to ask me why people like Iowa (which I think is the gist of the question), I feel it's because of the lay of the land. In many ways, life is simpler there...if you want a life where you're needing a slower pace, Iowa is a good place to be. In many places throughout Iowa, if you choose small-town life, you'll be within a few hours' drive from a larger town where there's more to do. Many of the smaller towns (such as my hometown) can pull together in tough times, and try to take care of their own the best they can. My memories of Iowa vary - some good, some bad. My life in Iowa had good points in the form of my family and friends...who I'd love even if they lived on the moon. But as far as selling it, I just think that's best left to others.

Sorry - hope this at least gives you insight.

5. you and i agree on the merits of george clooney and chocolate (presumably the merits of a chocoalte covered george as well). i find it abhorent to consider my chocolate being contaminated with coconut. is there anything you find an unnacceptable addititve to chocolate? (barring obvious things no one would dare pair like choc. and sauerkraut)

Actually, I'm down with you on the coconut, or really most any kind of nut. Oddly enough, I like peanut butter if it's creamy but not if it's crunchy. Also, no chocolate covered insects, please...or cherries. I'm OK with chocolate and raspberries together, though. But yeah...I'm also down with you re: chocolate covered George Clooney. Double your pleasure, double your fun...