Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007, Rancho Sudiegirl style

We-he-ll, another Thanksgiving has come and gone.

Yep...just another nail in the coffin.

Another turkey gave its life that I might eat it...and a pig did too as I had some ham as well.

Not much happened, really...D and I went to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse (a Canadian Rockies-hunting lodge-themed restaurant) for their Thanksgiving Dinner thingie. It was a bit pricey, but you got enough food to feed an army. Unfortunately, stupid Sudie is addicted to their bread and their cheesy spinach dip so I ate enough of that to make me happy and didn't have enough room for my turkey OR the pumpkin pie (the special came with salads, the meal, and dessert...not too bad a deal, I'd say...)

In the evening, I went to DD's house for a meal/jam session, and that wasn't so good. Two of his brothers were there, and one of them was concentrating more on drinking bloody marys than eating. The bloody mary aficionado was also creeping me out...he's in his early 60's, he kissed me on the cheek once and was touching my arm and my back. Ick. Ick. Double ick. The only reason I didn't punch him dead in the face was because I was trying NOT to ruin Thanksgiving and I was trying to respect DD's house and not start any fistfights. The dude was so drunk he couldn't tune his electric bass...and he could barely stand. He passed out in the livingroom on top of two beanbag chairs. Not sure if he came out of it, but he was still unconscious when I left. The other brother wasn't so bad, but he also wanted a hug before I was kind of weird. Thank goodness I have experience dealing with creepy asshole drunk relatives (whether they're mine or someone else's).

So now...I'm back at work today. Why? I have absolutely no idea. I figured why sleep at home all day when I can be here? DD's here, many of my friends are here...I might even be able to get some things done around the office that I've been meaning to do for months, like clean my desk, do inventory on the supply room, check for Christmas decorations (ugh), etc.

Also, I'm NOT one of those insane shoppers that got up at the buttcrack o' dawn just to get a good deal at Circuit City or wherever. When D and I went to McDonalds for our morning repast (through the drive-in, of course), the parking lot at our neighborhood shopping center was full to the brim. *sigh*


Shee-it, even K-Mart was open yesterday. Of course, they had 1GB MP3 players on sale for $14.99 but those were all gone. The more expensive ones have little bells and whistles and play less music because they have all the bells and whistles, so I figure get a cheapie for now and go for the gusto later. But NOOOOOO! The ones I wanted...the ones I ogled in the flyer...were gone.

BTW, for you cheapskates out there (like myself), the KMart in our neighborhood has a few computers hooked up to the 'Net so you can surf while you're there. You only get a 60-minute time slot, but that's more than enough time for me on a Saturday morning. My home computer rolled over on its back and died, so this is a viable alternative.

I did miss something from home, though...apparently, Iowa had a "white Thanksgiving". My nephew threw a snowball at his older sister a few seconds after she got out of bed and was staggering in half-sleep. Amazingly, he survived the assault. My mom and my sister got some snow down the back too. If you heard screams from off to the west, that was them. This is why I have cats that hate to go outside. When you don't have opposable thumbs, ya can't make a snowball.

So since Christmas and all the materialistic crap is being shoved down our throats, I'll close with Linus' famous scene from "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

God Bless Us, Everyone...and pass the gruel.