Monday, October 29, 2007

And You Are...?

Yup...a MEMEMEMEMEME...and I'm taggin' ALECTO with it. Hahahahah...

Have you ever witnessed/been in a wet t-shirt contest?
Nope...too much incrimination, plus I am fragile and catch cold easily.

Hot dogs or hamburgers?

What's your favorite kind of chips?
Sterzings Potato Chips

Have you ever twisted up a swing and then untwisted it and spun around?
Yep, but then I wanna puke afterwards so I usually don't do it.
What was your favorite contraption at a playground when you were a kid?
The swings or the teeter-totter.

What's a helix lucorum?
You talk to your mother with that mouth?
What's your favorite aquatic creature?
George Clooney coming out of the Atlantic Ocean in a Speedo.
Who's the best teacher in your school?
Uh...I'm not IN school!

Would you ever eat hufu?
(FYI...Hufu is a tofu-based product that is meant to resemble, as realistically as possible, the taste and texture of human flesh.)

Uh...NO! (Unless I was really drunk and told it was Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream)

How far away do you live from Ontario, Canada?
Far enough that I say "Canadian Bacon" instead of "back bacon"

Have you ever been to Alaska?

Ever drive your car on a sidewalk?
Uh...yeah. My drivers ed teacher wasn't too thrilled either.

Would you rather bake brownies or cookies?
I'd rather have someone bake 'em for me. HINT HINT...Xmas is comin' ya know.

Do you like to make s'mores at a campfire?
yes, and I've had the burns to prove it. You can make them in a microwave though.

Who was your favorite power ranger?
None of 'em. If it ain't a cartoon on Saturday morning, forget it.

What's your favorite flavor coffee?
folgers with MUCHO cream and sugar

Do you own a knife?
None other than steak or butter.

Are you pro or against the death penalty?
Not sure
How many scars do you have on your body, that are non-surgical?
one under my lower lip

What is one turn-off of someone you are interested in?

What is one turn-ON of someone you are interested in?
great sense of humor

Do you own a fish?
nope...the cats would consider that pet "dinner"

Do you think there's other life in the universe?
yes...I dated enough of 'em, I should know by now.
Are you afraid of cemeteries?
No...actually, there's many beautiful headstones that honor the departed, and it's like a museum to me.
Ever been in a bar fight?
Not guy grabbed my a$ once and I grabbed his hair, pulled his head back while he was still sitting, and advised him if he did it again I'd pull out all his hair. No further problems.

Do you wear hats/beanies?
Sometimes a beret in the winter.

Would you rather have a hoodie or a comfy winter coat?

Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?

Are you the type that can sleep anywhere if need be?
Most of the time.

What are you mostly addicted to?
I don't think you all need to know ALL my vices, do ya?

Are you supposed to be doing something else instead of this survey?

Where's the last country you think you'd ever go on vacation to?
Iraq, India or China.

Have you ever eaten anything that was inside a garbage can?
No...wait a minute...nope, definitely not.

What will your wedding song be?
Anything with the words "Oh My God Not Again" or "You Sucker" in it.

How many times do you say "fuck" a day?
It depends...a lot more if I'm depressed.

What's your most-used swear word?
Right now, it depends...
Do you fear death?
Nah...not really. Some days I welcome it a little more than I should, but most of the time I'm just neutral on the subject.
Do you go to the beach in the summertime?
Haven't yet...only lived here six years and have gone to the beach ONCE.
What's your favorite video game?
Haven't played 'em in a while...probably that damned Karaeoke thing on XBox
Are you currently dating someone?
Define "dating"

Have you cheated on them?
Pleading the 5th
Have you ever played in a huge mud slide?
Nope...fell in a water hazard during the HS Phys Ed golf unit, is that good enough?

Do you like to play football with your friends?
Nope...I like to watch football inside where it's WARM.
Do you like big crowds?
Not unless I'm kind of separate from them (i.e. if I'm performing and I'm on a stage so I can see over them)
When was the last time you checked the time?
just now on my computer
How bored are you, exactly?
Not sure...more hungry than bored.