Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another inspiration...thanks Pru!

This is a meme I tagged myself with - and I tag Ed H. so the blogosphere doesn't have to worry about him not having topics to write about.

Elaborate on the Following:

Accent - I sometimes slip into a southern-ish accent when I'm tired. Ed H. and Doug point this out to me with great delight, especially when I answer, "Ah am not tah-rd! Y'all need to shuddup now."

I Don't Drink - as much as I did in college, that's for sure. When I turned 21, that's when I started getting hangovers. That pissed me off. Now that I'm on my fabulous meds, I very seldom drink. I had a beer last weekend and thought I was living on the edge. Man, I'm pathetic.

Chore I Hate - most housework except folding laundry. You'll go to my house and see that it's in major disarray but clothes are folded. How stupid is that? (Of course, I don't always fold the clothes either - I have to be INSPIRED!)

Pets - two BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL kitties...Chelmsford and Millie.

Essential Electronic - My TV, DVD player and any stereo type device with a CD player in it.

Perfume/Cologne - I don't have a "signature scent" I always wear. I like citrusy stuff, or light flowery stuff most of the time.

Gold or Silver? - yes please

Insomnia- sometimes, usually when I'm still wired from a gig.

Most Admired Trait- I like people who are smart and verbally quick. (I've kept that part of Prunella's answer, BTW) I also like people who don't take themselves seriously.

Kids- See pets. That's all...but I do love my nieces and nephew very much and that's all I have to say about that.

Religion- Christian (Episcopal denomination)

Siblings- One...and if you wanna know more about her just scroll below and read, damnit!

Time I Wake Up - 6 AM during the week, 8 or 9 AM on weekends.

Unusual Talent/Skill - I type 70 words per minutes

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat - lots of 'em. That's why I take vitamins. Oddly enough, I like raw spinach, not cooked.

Worst Habit - procrastination...but I'll tackle it tomorrow.

X-Rays - a few...ankles, feet, teeth, and my luggage when I go through airport security.

My Favorite Meal - my mom's roast beef, potatoes & gravy, and salad.