Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yet another hokey sappy post - don't blame me, blame the weather.

This is a clip from my beloved "Muppet Show".

I never shut up about this damned show, and the reason I don't is because of clips like this.

The first part of the clip (in case you didn't listen to Kermit's introduction) features Bruce Schwartz...a puppeteer whose puppets look like Japanese bunraku puppets in miniature (and that's probably the inspiration for them).

The second part of the clip features Schwartz again, playing out a scene while the jazz singer Cleo Laine sings the song "If" by Bread.

Watch how Schwartz moves his puppets. (By the way, it almost seems sacreligious to call them "puppets"'s like calling a Rolls Royce a "car". Just isn't done.) Each little movement is so realistic.

The costuming of the puppets were exquisite...very finely detailed. My mind reels thinking about the detail on each puppet's outfit. The stitches, the lace, the fabric choices...they're all beautiful without being distracting from the performance. The faces (as you can see) are not detailed but they don't have to be. The movements tell the story.

Now...I'm going to get spiritual on you brace yourselves. When I experience a performance like this, whether it's live or it's filmed/videotaped, it confirms to me that there is a Higher Power. In my case, it goes in the Christian direction but that's me.

Why would I say this?

For one reason...anyone who has talent like this and isn't afraid to share it with others is touched by grace. Yeah, I know there's the moneygrubbing aspect to it and I respect that. But I'm trying to rise above that for just one moment.

I get the same feeling of being in "grace's presence" when I see a beautiful painting or photograph, or when I see/hear a band and you know everything is all synched up and good with the band members. I get the same feeling when I read a book or poem and I get goosebumps because the writer draws me in.

I don't know if I've ever touched anyone like that with the things I do. I doubt I ever will. But maybe I'm not meant to touch, but rather to BE touched.

That's OK by me.