Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So I'm standing at the crossroads...I'm a Coke drinker in a Pepsi Town...

I submitted my blog to Review My Blog.

My god, you'd think I'd learn...but apparently I submitted in a moment of weakness. These people also said I should stop writing and that I didn't have original thoughts. They also said I write like an 11 year old who's missed his/her daily dose of Ritalin.

Oh well, one out of three isn't great but hardly cause for alarm. Besides, these folks REALLY have good taste in blogs. I've read some of the blogs they call "top" and they indeed are. So I have already done some cleanup work and will do more as time warrants.

I received a rating of "2". At least it's in the positive part of number's not like it's -64.7 or anything.

But I know my writing's evolved quite a bit since I started. I have gotten away from cutting/pasting my thoughts into an be honest, it takes a lot more effort to do that than what I do right now.

I know that I've hit lots more writers block swamps than I used to because of the pressure I put myself writing once a day or more, all in the name of page views and site visits. The writing tended to be compromised.

I know this blog keeps a smile on my face. This blog (and my friends from blog-land) remind me that I'm not living in a vaccuum here. And heck - I even know that there's always room for improvement.

But I'm still going to write. Just because a reviewer says I should stop doesn't mean I will. Heck, Ed Wood wouldn't have made half the films he did if he'd taken his first review seriously. And if it weren't for that, we wouldn't have the permanent cinematic impression of Bela Lugosi in his final stages of drug addiction, or - for that matter - Tor Johnson.

And then what would this world become?

(Ed H., the Ed Wood references are for you - you'd better appreciate them!)