Friday, August 03, 2007


First and foremost...IT'S OFFICIAL!

"A WONDER SUMMER'S NIGHT TOUR" will commence soon. Here are da official-type dates:

Aug. 23 San Diego, CA Humphrey's
Aug. 25 Lake Tahoe, CA Harvey's Lake Tahoe Amphitheatre
Aug. 26 Concord, CA Concord Pavilion
Aug. 28 Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Bowl
Aug. 30 Portland, OR Edgefield Amphitheatre
Aug. 31 Woodinville, WA Chateau Saint Michelle Winery
Sept. 4 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
Sept. 5 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
Sept. 10 Chicago, IL Charter One Pavilion
Sept. 12 Detroit, MI Meadowbrook
Sept. 14 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Sept. 16 Baltimore, MD Pier Six Pavilion (SUNDAY)
Sept. 20 Boston, MA Bank of America Pavilion

The "Woo-Hoos" emanating from my li'l corner of da world are deafening, I'm sure. I've already driven DD nuts about it. I'm sure he wanted to smash my face in when I skipped over to his cube today and burbled, "Stevie Wonder is coming to Baltimore!" I swear, happy fairies and butterflies were trailing along behind me. A happy Sudiegirl is not a good sight on a Friday morning when you don't want to be at work.

This brings me to my first big point for today's post, which is...TAKE NOTE of the poll on the top of my sidebar. I am willing to do any of the listed things on that survey so Big Ernie will endow the universe with all the specifics on how I will get to do what I've always dreamed of. the proper mode of humiliation TODAY, won't you?

Secondly, the latest buzz about La Brit is that she's...TA DAA...possibly bipolar! Never mind that the professional making this claim in US magazine doesn't even have her as a patient, or that the person(s) noted as "the source" in the linked article above doesn't even use their real Christ it's gotta be true...right?

I'm really annoyed about this media diagnosis. It's one thing when you come out yourself saying YES, this is what I have, and quite another when someone who doesn't even know you says they think you have it.

It's like that Far Side cartoon about "what you say to dogs vs. what dogs hear" know...with the punchline being "blah blah blah Ginger blah blah blah". BP is complicated enough and so many other things have to be ruled out first before docs can determine what you have. I'm not saying psychologists aren't qualified to diagnose, but maybe the forum and presentation should be a little different, eh? As a result of this little blurb, instead of "blah blah blah Ginger" it's "blah blah blah Britney". Great. Just what this country needs...a little more blah blah.

What else is annoying regarding this Bipolar Pop-Tart issue? People on comment pages spouting off about "eh, she's nuts...take her kids away...she's a stupid hobag..." etc.

I know she's stupid. I'm well aware. But then some of them make the detour into generalizations like "bipolar disorder patients shouldn't be allowed to have kids", like we're all lepers or something.

Let me tell you something - I made my own choice to not have children because I have bipolar disorder. But that's my own choice. Nobody else's but mine. It was an ultimately selfish choice for the simple fact that it made no sense to me to bring children into this world when there was so much to getting OFF the meds and then getting back ON them once the child was born and feeding (breast v. bottle) was determined.

But I was undecided about kids until my diagnosis was certain. Things could have been different for me.

I wasn't much older than Britney when I married my first husband, really. I very well could have had at least one child by the age of 25, if not more than that. If this disease they call bipolar was part of my medical makeup AND I had kids, then what would people say about ME? Would people...just off the cuff...say, "Oh my god...take Sudiegirl's kids away from her, she's nuts"?

They may very well could have.

That's the double edged sword anyone with a chronic health condition (mental or physical) has to face...the possibility that someone will be chastised based on something Mother Nature threw into the mixed salad that's their DNA.

In a perfect world, you should be free to do things that everyone else does. But if something goes wrong, everyone is going to speculate that you're unfit for whatever duty is put before you (certain jobs, parenting, etc...) It's something I don't want to think about, but something I've had to think about (if that makes sense).

I look at it this way...I made the conscious choice about parenthood once I knew what was wrong with my own head. For some reason, Big Ernie held back on the right time/right place re: having kids. That's fine with me...He knows better than I, by far. I know I sound dramatic, but bipolar disorder is something that messes up enough lives before you know what the hell's wrong. Why bring someone into the fray that didn't ask to be brought into this world? It's selfish, ultimately.

But if you don't know that you have something like this (and with any mental illness, more than likely you WON'T know something's wrong if it's serious enough), then the playing field changes to a mine field.

We've got free will, and at least in my case, I used it to save an unborn child the agony of having me as a mom. As much as I don't like Britney Spears, if she is bipolar, maybe she can get the help she needs (both medicinal and therapeutic) so the kids have a chance to have a good mom.

That's all I got.


(where do you get those automatic countdown ticker thingies you can put on a blog anyway?)