Tuesday, August 21, 2007

more life...more happy...more sad...more life

The picture to my left represents a cat listening to techno music while tripping on Ecstacy.

Reminds me a bit of me.

Oh well...

Anyway...it's a rainy one here in the District, and it probably won't let up until Thursday when it gets HOT again. Great.

One thing that's sad, though? One of my former pastors had kind of a tragedy this weekend. Their daughter (Rosemary) was staying at a beach house on the Eastern Shore and there was a house fire.

Rosemary and one other girl survived, but three of their friends died. One of the casualties was Rosemary's best friend since the 4th grade. Wow.

I don't know what I'd do if my best friend since the 4th grade died. I would feel like a lost puppy.

And of course, the family is fighting back feelings of guilt mixed with feelings of thankfulness.

Seems normal to me...I mean, I know when Dad passed I missed him terribly but I know there are people who have lost virtually every member of their family to something awful. I always felt caught in the middle.

When is it OK to mourn a loss? When is it OK to say "Yes, but we must remember that someone else is suffering more..." When is it OK to say thank you to Big Ernie for sparing us a tragedy?

Where the hell's the damned rulebook?????

OH well...there are good things in life too. My nieces and nephew start school tomorrow and they're kind of psyched about it. This will be Courtney's first year in the high school building, and when the schools are re-organized again the twins will be in high school as "freshpersons".

My mom is slowly but surely using her treadmill...I hope it helps her out more.

Work is busy...Tyler Durden is coming to DC to visit next week and it should be interesting to meet him. He says he wants to meet me and I'm not sure why...he'll be sorely disappointed. Oh well...as we know, the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. If you haven't visited Tyler yet, just click here to go there.

In the meantime...I'd better go annoy others. Got a quota to fill, ya know...