Monday, July 02, 2007

Questions, questions...

I LOVE this clip...don't know if I'll EVER get enough of it.

But I didn't really have a chance to write today, folks. Here's what I did come with...some Sudiegirl Solutions!

Yahoo question:
I caught a shiny Zubat and I want to know if you can breed it.?

So its a shiny zubat I did not use the pokedar and i didn;t cheat I found it on the route that leads to soleceon town fromthe contest city. if I breed it with a ditto (not shiny) can I make more shiny things? or if I breed it with another egg in its egg group can I get another shiny?

Top Yahoo Answer:
No you can't breed it because its a shiny type pokemon...

Sudiegirl Solution:
Uh...are you sure it's something you breed? Or is it something you take medication for because you've bred with something questionable?


Yahoo question:
Would you Rather be a GARDEN, an ORCHARD, or a FOREST?

Please note this is one of those Barbara Walters-philosophy-type "what kind of tree would you be" the answers are interesting.

If I had my choice, I wouldn't choose any of these. I would be a department store.



Those three choices given above are OUTSIDE. I don't really LIKE outside because there's bugs and itchy stuff everywhere. Plus, there's no air conditioning, cable TV or close proximity to Diet Pepsi and ice cream. Department stores are usually in malls, with air conditioning, food courts, and...well, you get my drift.

So see? I didn't totally neglect y'all. I guess I've just been so intoxicated by the sea air that I had to allow the feelings to pass before I could write in the snarky manner to which y'all have become accustomed.