Monday, June 11, 2007

click on the link for a sign of hope in humanity...

Quick note here...if you click on the title of today's post or the picture above, you'll be sped away to the Operation Second Chance website.

This is a charitable organization started by a local woman. I had the honor of hearing her speak yesterday at a gig...the big band was performing as part of a showcase for event planners (specifically, those that plan reunions for various military groups).

Operation Second Chance is a cause that helps wounded US military personnel in many ways. The website tells's their mission statement:

To aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded service men and women.

To assist in the modification of housing to accommodate disabled veterans.

To assist the families of wounded service men and women.

To facilitate the transition of wounded service men and women back into civilian society.

The founder/board of directors for this group are an amazing bunch of people, who work hard at these goals in addition to their own daily lives. Although this group is DC-based, I'm sure they would appreciate the support of others around the country in whatever ways are possible.

She made a good point in her talk yesterday - whether you're for or against the current war in Iraq, the wounded men and women coming home shouldn't be blamed and made to suffer even more than they already are.

Take a look at the website. It's worth the time, especially when reading about how the group started.

More fun later, I promise.