Monday, June 25, 2007

All is NORMAL(ish) for now...

First of all, as a sign of goodwill as well as your lovable Sudiegirl is back to normal, here is a specially picked clip just for YOU, fair readers...

After all, nothin' says quality like Don Knotts in "The Love God".

At any rate, thanks for the warm fuzzies, and I have gained a new reader in the form of Tyler Durden. You can check his blog out here...and remember, the first rule of "Fight Club" is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.

Secondly, I'm going to be honest here...even though Ed H. and I had a stormy marriage, I am a fan of his writing. That was one of the things that attracted me to him in the first place...his courage and ability to put words to print and make sense out of it. He had a dry spell when we were married, but ever since he started blogging last year, he is one of my writing heroes.

Please take the time to read this entry...whenever he writes about his mom, you can feel the bond they had for yourselves. They had a great relationship, and his re-tellings of "mom stories" are a worthwhile read. I feel he's one of the under-rated good writers of this world.

Life is indeed a bit better...we FINALLY have a new roomie! His name is Max, he's younger than D and I, but he's a cool guy. He really rakes it in as a wait staffer at Dave & Busters (it's a grownup version of Chuck E. Cheese), so I don't think he'll have a problem making rent. DD is gradually getting over being a crank-ass, but he's home sick today. I'll probably check on him later - he's had a sore throat that won't go away, and if he's contagious I'll throttle him, but it will be a soft throttle. Thank you for those who sent warm fuzzies, and sorry for not posting sooner with updates of happy yippie skippie stuff.

Only a few more days until:

  • My mommy and my auntie come to visit
  • The six-year anniversary of my move to DC
Wow - tempus fugit, eh?

So with that, it'll be a short entry today but I leave you with this thought...

Thought for Today:
"A straight line is the shortest in morals as in mathematics."
- Maria Edgeworth, English novelist (1767-1849).

Sudiegirl's response:
It's also a bitch to draw without a ruler.

PS: News Flash...results are in...DC Admin Law judge Roy D. Pearson LOST his $54
million dollar "Frivolous Lawsuit" about the pants. The judge ruled in favor of the dry cleaners, so to that judge, Rancho Sudiegirl awards the...

to District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff. YEAH BABY!