Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OK - will someone PLEASE tell me what to think here?

OK. Last I heard, I was a Christian.

But I'm not a Christian in the same way Jerry Falwell is. Not by a long shot.

The only thing Jerry and I had in common was that we believe Christ died for our sins and that he's the son of God. Beyond that, the paths diverge in a narrow wood or whatever.

I think the things Jerry Falwell has said and done in God's name are terrible. To me, Christianity means "hate the sin but not the sinner". I mean, if you think homosexuality is a sin, that's certainly your right. However, statements that allude to global tragedies being God's punishment because homosexuality exists in this world are STUPID. Nothing more, nothing less.

So how am I supposed to feel now that he's dead?

I mean, I know he's genuinely loved by his family, spouse, friends...and if I'm being true to Christ's teaching, he's also a child of God.

But I honestly wonder what God thinks of Falwell's intolerance? Is God down with Falwell?

What should one think?