Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hemidemisemiquaver...why does that sound like something you'd treat with Gold Bond Medicated Powder?

Click the link on today's post title to find out what the funky word means, BTW...

Well, mah friends...no rest for the wicked, is there?


It was a pretty good weekend, all things considered. This weekend brought Rolling Thunder to the DC area. I didn't even know it existed until this weekend, to be honest. (Yes, count on your dear Sudiegirl to have at least no clues...)

DD and I saw lots of motorcycles, in relation to this yearly happening...I'm pretty sure they were related to this event, which is COOL. Click here to read a short article about it. I didn't even know this event existed until this year. DD was quite stoked...every time we saw riders, he honked and waved to show his support.

Although the other topic (motorcycle safety) in this article is important, I kind of wish the article had focused more on Rolling Thunder...its origins, notable moments, thoughts from the riders, etc. Oh well...guess that's what blogging is for, huh?

In the meantime, RIP Charles Nelson Reilly...and YES, I am one of those many who (until the last five years or so) didn't know that this guy did anything beyond goofy, Rip Taylor-esque things on game shows and Saturday morning children's programming. But YES...he's a Tony winner (and nominated two other times, I might add...) and quite versed in the art of theater. Check out this quote from the LA Times regarding Reilly:

After a "Tonight Show" guest who was talking about Shakespeare dismissed Reilly's attempt to join the conversation, he silenced her by delivering Hamlet's "the play's the thing" monologue straight, with depth and passion, the New York Observer reported in 2001.

I haven't found a clip of Charles Nelson Reilly's infamous Shakespearian moment, but I did find the next best thing...

BTW, I was banned from using my sister's Bic Bananas because I left the caps off all the time. Gimme a break...I was five.

Also, I must say Reilly reminds me of a relative I have. However, he reads this blog to find out crappy things I (supposedly) say, so I'll just leave it at that.

So anyway...since I brought up this heifer, I figure I'd better put the topic to bed but not before I discuss her a little more.

Apparently, Ms. O'Donnell is NOT coming back to "The View" before her official ending date. She also says she's not expecting to speak to Elisabeth Hasselbeck again. Uh...great. If she needs other stuff to do, she can come over and help me clean my condo.

But also, she's supposedly going on a "rock tour" with Cyndi Lauper. Great...pair up a talented singer with someone who...well...CAN'T!!!! That makes PERFECT sense. While we're at it, let's bring in special guest star William Hung!

I also answered an online poll of whose side I'm on for this whole argument...and I voted for Hasselbeck. Again, it's not even because of politics. It's because Hasselbeck said what I was (and I think others were) thinking. If you're going to breathe fire, you have to own up to the charred remains and take your lumps. Freedom of speech and responsibility for what you say work hand in had. I've had to apologize for things I say, and I've removed things from this blog as well. That's part of life.

On that note, I'm going to sign out...but look for a special post this week regarding the sexual orientation of some popular kid TV characters.

Unless Rosie outs 'em first.