Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do white people have circadian rhythm? and other urban myths

Irrelevant song lyrics for today:

I took the head off Elvis
Filled Fred up to his pelvis...
Yabba dabba doo,
the King is gone,
and so are you...

...brought to you by George Jones, everyone's favorite ALLEGED wife-beating alcoholic country singer.

(PS: I'm not sure why I picked Larry/Darryl/Darryl, but they sure do look nice, don't they?)

I'm back! I'm back!

I'm sorry I've stayed away so long...I just figured that any/everything I would attempt to write would sound like WHINY crap. It's bad enough I screwed up and didn't interview with Mr. Fab like I had planned. However, I proposed the idea of a Christmas show to him so we'll see if all is forgiven on that one.

Well, the would-have-been-Sudie's-wedding-day weekend went by with its share of happiness and sadness. D's friend MH from back home flew in and they went sightseeing all over. I had my own things...

The most interesting one was the wedding reception I sang at with my small group. It was on Saturday afternoon, in Chevy Chase, MD. (For locals, it was off of Western Avenue in the Rock Creek Park area...)

The wedding reception was in the couple's new home, and it was a gorgeous home indeed. We performed on the main floor (livingroom), and the house had four levels to work with. The upper floor was bathroom/bedroom areas; then livingroom; then the lower level was kitchen, dining room and walk out patio, and then below that it was family room space.

The groom was Jewish, the bride Egyptian of Christian background. This meant lots of couscous, kabobs and whatnot. It also meant lots of tongue-trilling to show extreme enjoyment of various things (the wedding day, our music, etc). They did it so loud at one point that I swear the floor of the livingroom vibrated. In spite of that, though, I didn't even need to use the mike until the dancing started. Go figure...

Our quartet was enhanced with the presence of this great (and really good looking) musician, Marshall Keys. A very very very very nice photo of him appears right over HERE...

He plays alto and soprano saxes (quite well), and he's one of those rare musicians that is both damn good at their craft PLUS personable. Sometimes one or the other is sacrificed, and it can be frustrating to deal with. But Marshall...*sigh*...was both easy on the eyes and ears. If you like good jazz, click on the link above and his website shows his playing schedule around the DC area. He's also put out an album and is pretty well known around these parts. (Postscript...I actually took the time to quit drooling and read the man's BIO...he has performed with Stevie Wonder, so I guess this is the closest I'll get to Stevie. Hey, Marshall...put in a good word for me with Stevie, huh? Give a girl a break! Also, the bio says he's married so I guess I'll just have to look at the menu instead of ordering in this case. Sigh yet again...)

The funniest part, though, was toward the end of the gig. I was wearing a mid-calf length dress with buttons all down the front, and he was just looking at me thoughtfully. At first, I was queasily hopeful, thinking, "Hey, maybe...he LIKES me and my singing?"

But I found out the truth as he leaned toward me and whispered..."Do you have 20 buttons on your dress?"

Of course, I didn't have the answer, so I counted and sure enough...20 buttons. I made sure to advise him that he was free to count my buttons anytime, but these particular buttons were purely ornamental.

*sigh* I can never win.

It was weird being at a wedding reception that wasn't mine, but I was still OK with calling things off.

The rest of the weekend was just kind of melancholy, and I had panic attacks on Sunday night so I couldn't sleep much. I wound up taking Monday off TOO just to catch up on sleep, and last night I went into the bedroom to read and wound up conking out at 7 PM or so. What a brazen, wanton woman of the world I turned out to be, huh?

Also, I got the dreaded flyer for my 20th class reunion. I took matters into my own hands this time around, called one of the organizers and left a message on her phone saying NO, I wasn't coming, and PLEASE take me off the list.

She called me back, and she was one of the nicer people I went to school with so while I didn't change my mind, I did let her speak her piece. We wound up gabbing on the phone for a couple hours...she still lives in our hometown and my family's still there so we swapped gossip, etc. I wound up sending a smart-ass list of information about your favorite bipolar redheaded karaoke diva, and we'll see what actually cuts the mustard. Hell, I even sent her some links to blog entries...if her head doesn't explode after all that, I'll be surprised.

But anyway, I'll bitch about current events tomorrow. For now, I'm just chillin' like Matt Dillon.