Thursday, May 03, 2007

Commercials commercials...I must be WARPED by them, right?

I realized one day that I don't watch as much commercial TV as I used to. With cable and the premium channels therein, I watch more movies than anything else. Hell, even my beloved "antique cartoon channel" (Boomerang) has "fake" commercials...commercials basically promoting themselves or their family of channels, but no outside products.

However, Cartoon Brew woke me up this morning. Apparently, some yutz though he could improve upon the original Tootsie Pop "How Many Licks..." commercial by doing it in CGI.

Interesting idea in theory...however, click here to read Cartoon Brew's opinion on this. Let's just say they're not enrolled in the fan club and leave it at that.

This got my brain rolling, though. With that, I found some YouTube clips of vintage commercials and decided to share my feelings about them with YOU, gentle readers. Let's party, peeps!

This first clip is voted "commercial jingle most likely to stick in my head for days at a time and cause me to want to run into oncoming traffic to make it stop..."

Next, a question. Did everyone hate Mrs. Olsen as much as I did? It was weird seeing her in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" and "Johnny Tremain". Mrs. Olsen did indeed deserve a grand chewing out, Katharine Hepburn style, and she got it. All in all, Mrs. Olsen made an impression on me, and I didn't start buying coffee until she was well away from the commercials. Coincidence? I think NOT!!!!

I HATED "The Waltons" as a kid, and I must say if I had gotten this playset I would have let the dog chew it up. DD and I have discussed "The Waltons", and I've finally figured it out...I think my parents bought me from urban gypsies in an attempt to rural-ize me. That's the only thing I can figure...simple country livin' ain't fer me, folks. Neither is this playset. I knew it at age 5 and I know it now.

I had a "Please don't squeeze the Charmin" t-shirt when I was in the 2nd grade. My mom sent away for it, and I wore it. Personally, I though Mr. Whipple needed to lighten up a bit and deal with his own squeezing addiction...but hey...what did I know? I still played with Barbie dolls.

Ah...Pringles. My grandma bought those a lot, but Mom didn't because she thought they were too expensive. Grandma Dawson had a penchant for brand names, and unfortunately, there weren't many choices for mass-produced potato chips that looked like 1/2 of a duck bill. They're good with cottage cheese, though...

QUISP ROCKS! I think I mentioned it in an earlier post, but Grandma Dawson would let me eat this stuff with milk and chocolate syrup. Mom would ask her, "Why is my child vibrating?" Grandma replied, "Why, I don't know, Mary!" Either Grandma didn't get the whole sugar/hyperactivity connection or just didn't care. Either way...I was down with the chocolate syrup and Quisp thing. PS: These cartoons (as well as Cap'n Crunch) were made by Bill Scott and Jay Ward of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" fame. YAY!

So now...the challenge is on you, fair readers. What commercials do you remember? Tell me about 'em, and if you can find a clip of them, note it in the comments. If you wants me to, I'll even print up what you wrote and give you full Rancho Sudiegirl style credit.

Who's with me?

Let's have some FUN, y'all!