Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stalk - I stalk, you stalk, he/she stalks, they stalk -

This is the first post of the day...a rainy Wednesday here in DC.

The picture at left is of an agave stalk.

If you use the verb tense of this word, it's akin to an animal attempting to capture prey, or what someone of unbalanced mind might do to someone else.

Let's think about this a moment.

When I get several hits off of a particular website in one day, I tend to wonder why. So I visit the website to find out why. I don't leave comments, I just look. If I visit the website more than one time, I'm returning the favor by boosting the stats, right?

Apparently not.

I guess if I'm "stalking", somehow I should be getting something out of this. Some erotomania or paranoid schizophrenic rush, right?

I'm not.

I just get a feeling of pity for a person who accuses everyone who doesn't agree with her as one who "stalks". Look at the picture above. I'm not green...I don't have things growing off me (I don't think). I'm just trying to figure out who's providing me with hits, as insignificant as the numbers might be. Now that I know, I guess the proper action is to say Thank You. You should always say "thank you" when someone does something nice for you.

And someone I know also says that all publicity is good publicity.

So thanks for uttering my name, yo. I'm down with that, baby.

Word up. Peace out.