Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Winneshiek Wednesday

Well, I feel just as friendly as ol' Big Bird today, you know? If it weren't for the snow and crap, I'd be leaning out the window just like him and saying hi to everyone!

However, there ain't no windows where I am. So I just have to pretend.

Before I begin, I do want to make some shout-outs to various folks on my blogroll. Maestro, if you please...

*insert tympani drumroll HERE*

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In the real world - I think I'm finally comfortable at my job. Why?

Because one of the team members came by looking for another person (I'll call them person A and person B), and I said I'd let person A know if I saw person B.

Once I saw person B, I asked him, "Did Person A find you?" He said, "Yes...we had a nice discussion over the urinals in the mens' room."

I started laughing and saying, "TMI, dude, TMI," but I didn't blush or hide under my desk. I also didn't file a grievance or set up a picket line. I didn't call my counselor and say that I felt exploited. I just laughed.

Yep - I'm home.

So anyway, in other there other news? Not from my lazy a**, anyway. Just the usual church, relationship, family and other stuff. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready for a hot fudge sundae too, and right now the probability of the hot fudge sundae is higher than spring.

In addition to the oh-so-exciting life I's time to give a "Huh?"'s been a while.
Recipient: Naomi Campbell
Reason: Well, it's a smidge convoluted, but work with me. You can read the whole article here, but here's a quote:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - British beauty Naomi Campbell will swap her catwalk outfits for a broom, gloves and safety vest when she begins mopping floors at New York's Sanitation Department on March 19, a court official confirmed on Tuesday.
Fair enough...she did the crime, now she's gotta do the time (for what it's worth). This last paragraph, however, really takes the cake:
Campbell, 36, has been accused by at least three employees of hitting or otherwise assaulting them. She has blamed her temper on lingering resentment toward her father for abandoning her as a child.
Judge's comments:

OK...I understand the long-lasting effects of abandonment and abuse. Some people are able to function and others are not. I know that this behavior passes from generation to generation.

However, nowhere in the quoted paragraph is it stated that she's receiving therapy and/or psychiatric help for said problem. It's not like the woman's BROKE, thank you...she could get the best of the best, you know?

So the question is...WHY ISN'T SHE? I mean, COME on. It's not like the scenarios are the same here - Campbell is in a supervisor/employee relationship with these people. Unless they quit or she fires them, there's no abandonment issue that she can flashback about. So - uh - what's the deal? Would she punch her agent in the mouth? Or someone who's interviewing her for TV or other media?

It doesn't matter how many floors she mops or how much $$ she raises for charity. If the beyotch is throwing cellphones or sucker-punchin' the help, she needs more help than even SHE'S aware of.

I could refer her to several folks - give me a call, darlin'.

Finally, another edition of Yahoo!Answers vs. Sudiegirl!'s burning question?

My boyfriends dog gets carsick. Anyone know of anything to help it?
The answer chosen was:

There are exercises that he can run with his dog to help him get used to the car. Start by having the dog in the car without moving it, and then just going on short expeditions that last about 5 minutes. Taking lots of short trips, starting at about 5 minutes and gradually increasing it to about 20 minutes, will get him more used to being in a moving vehicle. Just practicing these exercises has helped a lot of dogs to get over their carsickness. Don't feed him before taking him out. He's only more likely to throw up on a full tank.

These exercises are likely to help, but some dogs just get carsick no matter what. In this case, get recommendations from the dog's vet. Sometimes you can buy ginger biscuits and give a couple to the dog before a trip, as this seems to help nausea. If nothing helps, your best bet would be to get a sedative from your vet that will put the dog out just for a certain length of time.

Sudiegirl's response:

Uh - first of all, does she have more than one boyfriend? Just wonderin', since there was no apostrophe used. I'm not a punctuation wizard by any means...just was checking.

Secondly? If the dog gets carsick, doesn't that mean the dog shouldn't ride in the car? That's not a necessity 24/7, right? If it were me, I would bungee-cord the dog to the roof of the car. If I had a pickup, I'd put him in the bed of the truck. However, I would NOT tie the dog to the bumper. (See "National Lampoon's Vacation" to find out why.)

And with that, I bid you a fond farewell, free of dog upchuck. Don't worry, though...we'll just send Naomi to clean it.