Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Terre Haute Tuesday

OK - it's TUESDAY in this fair metro area. And of course, Mother Nature's favorite game (one of them, anyway) is to freak out people around here with snow.

We are supposed to (key words right there) get snow tomorrow. Anywhere from 1 to 3 inches, according to da weatherman. However, it might be a smidge windy, meaning snow will blow around and impair visibility.

My new vocal coachee is apprehensive about holding tomorrow's session for the simple fact that this potential blizzard is not one he wants to drive through. I can see that. However, we're hoping for better weather on Thursday or Friday. I even promised him a cookie if we could reschedule yet this week. Oh well...if he doesn't want to, then I can eat the cookie. It's a win-win.

First item on the agenda...who the hell had the bright idea that Mariah Carey should make ANOTHER film? Seriously. "Glitter" wasn't enough for you? It was more than enough for me.

You know what I'm REALLY ashamed of, though? I used to...gulp...kind of like her singing. (Oh, I'm going to have to bathe in bleach for that one...I feel SO dirty...) Thank God I've learned from that experience. Also, Ed H. and I paid cash money and went to see "Glitter" just to see if it was as bad as we thought. Let's just say it exceeded our expectations.

Next - when is someone going to shut Ann Coulter up? Seriously...I'm offended by her on so many levels. It's bad enough that her speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution, but she's pickin' on John Edwards...part of the Edwards/Obama "Cutie Patootie Ticket" for '08. She has crossed the line. Don't NOBODY pick on my cutie patootie, yo! What is up with her, anyway? I'm not an extreme liberal or anything...I'm middle of road on most issues. I just don't get where she just blathers on and on and throws words like that around.

I know - maybe someone can hire Mariah Carey to show up at Ann Coulter's house to do a singing telegram. Then, when she hits one of her decibel-blowing high notes, it'll make Ann's head blow up.

Where DO I come up with these ideas? Brilliance, I tells ya!