Monday, February 12, 2007

Whazzup on da weekend, you ask?

Today in history:

Happy anniversary - In 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded.

So anyway...check it out...

Sudie had a birthday party!

Yep - I did. On the eve of my 38th annual whelpin' day, I decided I was gonna round up a few of my friends and hang out at Fuddruckers on the Rockville Pike here in MD.

However...(yes, folks, there IS a "however") some aspects of the evening were a bit undesirable.

Among them?

(1) The perkiest, "most-filled-with-school-spirit" teenagers in Montgomery County apparently competed against each other on Saturday afternoon. Many of them came to "MY" Fuddrucker's to celebrate. It was quite scary...many of the girls wore skirts that barely covered their asses. Some had elaborate makeup jobs as well, as in diamond shapes
on their faces, glitter in the hair, etc. Their male counterparts did not have these enhancements, but had the half-open eyes, slightly slack jaw, and used the word "dude" a lot. Not that I mind...I'm a constant user of the word "dude" my own bad self, but it's cuter coming from me.

(2) Lots of screaming kids. There was one, honest to God, that sounded like a parakeet. I am not friend L. and I were looking for the bird, and it was a toddler in a high chair throwing a fit of some kind.

(3) Slow-moving grandmas. I am NOT including my mom in that category, because she tries to stay out of the way. I'm talking about the slow-moving grandmas that also try to open their purse and look for money, or talk to the grandchildren, or ask the parents a question WHILE they're walking. I got stuck behind one of these "slow-moving grandmas" when I was attempting to procure a dessert item. I just wish I'd had those glow in the dark slow-moving vehicle triangle things that they stick on the back of Amish horse & buggies. I'd stick one to the grandma's back so everyone would know her status.

However, I got to hang with my friends, and D got to meet the fabulous Merujo. Once he found
out she works for National Geographic, he was practically worshiping at her feet. Meanwhile, I was talking to L and my guitarist (Paul P), or rather, YELLING because of all the perky teens and screaming children. Lots of caffeine and meat was consumed, and the yummy fries and desserts were well worth the personal torture.

But all in all, it was a good time...I always enjoy watching sociology in action.

Next...To answer an unspoken question, NO, I did not
watch the Grammys last night. I am very happy that my dear Stevie Wonder and the fabulous Tony "I'm 80 and I still kick ass" Bennett won a collaboration award.

I am glad the Police reunited and are possibly going to tour (as in, they're going to but it's cooler to leave people hanging). I still won't be able to afford a ticket, but that's beside the point.

I don't give two figs about the Dixie Chicks, but that's not really new.

I guess I've just failed to keep up on "who's who". The last CD I bought by a new artist was John Legend. Otherwise, I stick to who/what I like. Go figure.

Kind of sad, no?

But other than that, life is OK...not good, not bad, just OK.

However, there's always tomorrow.