Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Fling

Thought for Today:
"If your neighbor is an early riser, you will become one."
— Albanian proverb.

Sudiegirl's response:
Note to self - must kill neighbor.

Happy Friday, y'all!

One thing I wanted to note...

I've noticed that my style of writing is changing. I used to cheat and cut/paste an entire news article, then add my snarky comments to it. I don't do that so much anymore - I cut and paste much less than I used to. I think that's a good thing, and I hope readers enjoy it.

I do need to clean up more of my entries and get rid of the hot-linked pictures, but there are (at last count) 802 entries to fix up. I'll get to as many as I can.

In the meantime, I would like to thank the people that come visit me - whether you're new or veterans, whether you're a "hit and run" visitor or you stay a while - thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

All right - enough MUSH. Let's get to the good stuff.

Please note this news item gets MORE attention than this: the headline says: Kodak snapping off 3,000 more jobs.

So never mind that 3000 people are in a perilous state as far as their jobs are concerned.

Never mind that a venerated company that basically "owned" the photography business here in the US is cutting even more jobs. Never mind that this is one of the largest companies in the city of Rochester, New York, and that their economy will also suffer as a result.

And finally, never MIND that this reflects on the entire future of photography and graphics as a whole...not only in this country, but WORLD WIDE.

Never mind all that - this country has more important stuff to do!

Anna Nicole is DEAD...a country mourns. So now, I'm going to give some attention to this issue because I'm nothing more than a damned sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaaaa.

1. Seriously...she's being compared to Marilyn Monroe? At least Marilyn Monroe made some GOOD movies. At least Marilyn Monroe bagged TWO Kennedys (JFK and RFK). To be fair, Anna Nicole probably could have bagged them too, back in the day, but she wasn't even thought of yet. So you've got that to contend with.

Marilyn Monroe also studied acting with Lee Strasberg, and worked hard to further herself intellectually. Plus, she bagged Marlon Brando as well, and Marlon didn't exactly like extremely dumb women.

2. Please tell me that someone out there understands how bizarre it is that Wolf Blitzer was on CNN's "The Situation Room" giving up to the minute details on the death of a bimbo.

He must be a better actor than I think for, because the brief clip I saw had him REALLY getting into the stuff. He had that intense "Wolf" look, the likes of which I remember seeing during Desert Storm broadcasts. And he was talking about...Anna Nicole.

If you click here, you'll find an article that is entitled "What drew us to Anna Nicole".

Many say it was the winning combination of dysfunction and beauty (as comedienne Joy Behar so aptly put it). Is that a nice way of saying, "Totally Messed Up Individual with Big Boobs"? I'd say so.

Oh God...shoot me now. Just shoot me now. It's my birthday, please do what I ask.

Thank you.