Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Tuscaloosa

Well, folks...we've got snow. Not sure how much will come of it, but we got it.

Not much goin' on with me today...I'm reeling with the information that the POLICE is gonna tour again! I was too poor to buy tix back then, and not much has changed. God - it's highway robbery to try and get tickets to any major concert. Even the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" charged white-collar prices. Major pisser.

I'm still mourning the loss of Stevens and Medley - my morning drive guys. WAAAAHHH! I found out that Stevens is doing the 7 - midnight shift, Weasel is doing the AM drive (whaaa???)and Schelby and Cerph "I Never Met a Mullet I Didn't Like" are in their same places.

The new music lineup on "Da Globe"? OK, I guess. I'm not a fan of some of the new stuff that's out there, but I guess that's just cause I'm a stick in the mud sometimes.

But in this case, it wasn't about the music. Let's face it...the reason I liked Stevens and Medley was for the irreverence factor. I tolerated it when cutie-pie Sarah showed up, but Stevens and Medley were still their old goofy selves. The music - yeah, it was repetitive, but I was in it for the magic of Stevens and Medley. Where is MEDLEY? I want the magic back! I am concerned about global warming, and I admire the station for using alternative energy sources. But let's not get all touchy-feely here! Come on...life is meant to be ridiculed, not taken seriously! (Hey, that's good...I think I'll put it on a t-shirt or something.

What's more, I don't have a black armband handy to wear, but maybe I'll crochet myself one. That's a pretty good option, don't ya think? Maybe even with pom poms or tassels?

(Oh, that's just sad...)

More to come...