Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thwarted Thursday

OK - big surprise that I would think Jesse L. Martin is hot. But he is, I do, now shut up.

Anyway...first of all, I must say, I do like the new Blogger. It's a bit tidier for those of us who aren't too skilled with HTML codes beyond "plug & chug". I lost some of my links but was able to get them back...I'll perservere...I'll fight to the finish...I'll exhaust myself trying to find more descriptors for getting the job done, so I'd better quit now.

Next - do you remember the story of D acquiring the four pound can of tuna last fall, and the arguments therein? Well...he's topped himself.

Last week, when he picked me up from work, I saw that he had procured TWO (count 'em) cans of pickles. Not glass jars, like Grandma used to do on the farm...hell no. We're talking about two tin cans, about the size of the largest coffee can sizes (three lb. cans of coffee, I mean). Each can has 99 oz. in it - I'm not sure how much they WEIGH, but they feel like a ton. (anyone good at math is welcome to tackle the conversions, BTW)

So again - the same arguments came up.

D's method: Just open the can, eat the pickles till they're gone - cover them up, put them in the fridge between rounds.
Sudiegirl's method: Open the can, take what you want first, then freeze the rest. (Same principle with the tuna...)

However, I think he's realized the fact that even HE can't eat a grand total of 198 oz. of pickles by his own bad self. Furthermore, I'm not joining him in his pickle orgy as I don't like pickles. So I'm not sure how this is going to work out in the long run...we've discussed taking one can to our local food bank and sending the other one to my sister because her family LOVES pickles. It's a win-win pickle situation. (and yes, the pickle relish option was also discussed, but please refer to the grand total listed above. Then think about having that much pickle relish in YOUR refrigerator.)

In other personal news...not much, really. I'm almost done with my 2nd afghan (crocheted), and I've started my third just so I can get ahead on it before I finish #2. D absconded with #1, and now it's HIS blankie when we're in bed reading. I'm not sure what I'll do with the 2nd one yet...I might actually give it to my older niece (C1) for her next birthday if I remember to send it. Then again, if Mom drives out for wedding #3 in May, I'll send it home with her. Who knows? I'm enjoying this new hobby of mine - it's kind of soothing. Just repetitive motion, I can listen to TV instead of watch if D is watching something I'm not involved in...very good, all things considered.

Finally, some bragging time - I can honestly say that the "Three C's" (who will be called C1, C2a and C2b) are growing up to be great kids. From what my mom & sister have related, as well as talking to the kids directly, those kids work very hard to be kind and positive. They have their snotty moments, but all kids do.

Case in point: those kids lost their last grandfather last week to a forklift accident at work. The man who accidently killed their Grandpa Earl came to the visitation or the funeral, can't remember which. This man (who was a friend of Earl's) was so wracked with emotional pain that he got on his knees in front of Earl's widow and begged forgiveness. Grandma Jacque forgave him for what happened and knew it wasn't intentional. But the kids - they each hugged this man and also said that they forgave him for what happened.

When I was a kid, I would have had a hard time doing that. I'm being honest here. Even though the "3Cs" were very sad, somehow they understood that this man needed them to forgive. I have to say, those kids are something else. I'm speaking from the point of view of a a proud aunt, but I think their actions were something miraculous.

I think with this entry giving personal news of mine (for a change), I'll have to put some awards off until tomorrow. I think it's better for today to focus on RE-wards instead of smart-alecky A-wards. (Don't worry - I'll be back to normal tomorrow. )