Friday, December 29, 2006

Another entry in the "New scientific finding - water is wet" department

Here's the first two paragraphs in this news story...

NEW YORK - As you sink into your couch to watch a favorite TV show this holiday weekend, take comfort in the knowledge that you're not alone. Nationally speaking, at least.

Unity within your own home is another matter entirely.
A majority of Americans got hooked on a TV show this year, an AP-AOL News poll shows. But some say they watch their favorite shows alone: Their spouse or partner is into much different fare.

Sudiegirl's response?

"Well, DUH!" *rolls eyes dangerously back in head*

Is this REALLY a surprise? NO! However, journalists and those who conduct these lovely surveys want us to THINK it's groundbreaking. Nope...not by a long shot. I may be only 37 (almost 38) years old, but I think I've got enough TV watching and observation of others under my belt that this kind of thing is not alien to me.

To be honest, I've seen weird TV preferences between my grandparents, parents, and many other folks (including myself).

My Grandma & Grandpa Dawson were one of the few couples I knew that never argued about what to watch on television. I don't remember them arguing about much of anything, really, but TV was definitely not a matter for debate.

One thing that I thought unusual (but maybe wasn't) was that they both LOVED soap operas. For them, the world stopped between 11 AM and 3 PM for their "stories".

They were hard-core CBS soap fans..."Young and the Restless", "As The World Turns", "Guiding Light", and whatever others were stuck in there. They really got into the characters too - there was one woman on "ATWT" that they hated (God knows why) and so they called her "Ol' Greasy Ass". This cracked me up no end. They kept up with the stories quite well as they advanced in age - they might not be able to tell my sister and I apart, but by God, they knew what was up on "Young and the Restless".

They also liked the news, and I think they watched "The Waltons", "Lawrence Welk", and some Sunday morning preachers. I remember there was a sports announcer (or something) named Tait Cummins (sp?) that Grandpa truly HATED. He'd grumble about Cummins whenever the guy was on TV, but when asked if he hated Tait Cummins, he'd say, "Why NO, I don't hate him!" Not sure what THAT was about...oh well.

As far as my parents were concerned, they also agreed on quite a few shows. However, we witnessed a phenomenon of sorts as my mother got older.

Apparently, when women in my mother's age group get older, they tend to enjoy "Murder She Wrote". *cold shudder*

My mother was no exception. Every Sunday night after "60 Minutes", she wanted to watch that damned show.

My sister and I created harsh nicknames for it - Ruth called it "Menopause Mayhem" and I called it "Hot Flash Cavalcade of Stars". She hated both names.

When we wanted to watch something else, oh LORD she'd get mad. She'd proclaim, "You know, we HAVE two TVs, and I want to watch 'Murder She Wrote'!"

God help us all when "Matlock" and "Diagnosis Murder" reared their ugly heads. When Mom & Dad got satellite TV, I had to warn him about A&E having Murder She Wrote marathons. I think his response was a defeated sounding, "Damn".

Dad's habits/preferences were mostly shared by Mom. They both enjoyed a good Western, mystery, comedy, sci-fi flick or even a musical. I learned early on (at least as far as Dad was concerned) that Cyd Charisse had mighty fine legs. I had no opinion on the subject.

However, Mom and Dad's "gore tolerance" was vastly different. Even though they both knew their firearms, Dad liked more blood spatter than Mom did. Sometimes, when we were watching a movie and a "surprise" sex scene came on, Mom would have a cow. We'd turn it off, even if the storyline up to that point was compelling.

As to whether or not they left the room when one was watching a show the other one liked, it seemed to vary. Sometimes, they went into another room to read or watch a different show. Other times, they stayed in the livingroom with each other and read or worked on a project. Either way, once the initial discussion was finished, there were no repercussions.

I must admit, I'd pull a swiftie on my parents - I'd memorize TV Guide listings for the night that I wanted to watch something on TV. Then, when the parents/sister asked what was on, I'd tell them MY version. I'd lie like a rug, baby. That way I'd get to watch what I wanted. It worked too, on occasion. But they got wise. How sad.

I can't really speak for my sister's TV habits now that she's a grownup (although she has more than one TV in the house), but as far as I'm concerned, I am stuck in my ways too.

We have digital cable - and I mostly watch Boomerang or movies. Doug watches Discovery Channel stuff, History Channel stuff, National Geographic, Animal Planet stuff, and a smattering of other things. We've been debating whether to downsize our cable, but I don't want to. I like the feeling that I have this whole library of channels at my fingertips.

Besides, you never know when "Murder She Wrote" will be on. OH MY GOD...DID I JUST TYPE THAT?????

Forgive me, my peers, for I have sinned...