Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thickening Thursday

Thought for Today:
"The real problem is what to do with the problem solvers after the problems are solved." — Gay Talese, American author and journalist.

Sudiegirl's response:
Well, then, Howard Rubinstein apparently is safe because he's just making things worse.


OK...first of all, I just want to say this:

Maybe I sound like a "Nervous Nellie", but does it scare anyone else (in my general age group) that rock & pop musicians are getting perilously close to AARP membership? Consider the following:

Singer Rob Grill (The Grassroots) is 63
Rock musician Roger Glover (Deep Purple) is 61
Singer Billy Idol is 51
Musician Shuggie Otis is 53

It's - as they say - "freaky deaky". After all, rock musicians are supposed to live on the EDGE and be REBELLIOUS! Right? They're supposed to ingest practically every chemical known to human kind and die by choking on their own vomit.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They're staying alive! What is up with that, my friends? the "Rosie needs to worry more about this than Britney's lack of underwear" department:

A 26 year old woman in Michigan shot up her own 12 year old nephew with heroin in addition to providing illegal drugs to her fifteen year old niece. To quote the article specifically:

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - A suburban Detroit woman who admitted injecting heroin into her 12-year-old nephew and giving him and her 15-year-old niece heroin and cocaine was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Jacqueline Ellen Vuich, 26, pleaded guilty Nov. 2 to delivery of narcotics to a minor, first- and second-degree child abuse, maintaining a drug house and keeping a person younger than 16 in a home where prostitution occurred. She was sentenced Wednesday by Macomb County Circuit Judge Matt Switalski.

The straight skinny is Vuich injected her nephew with heroin at the dinner table. He
subsequently OD'd and was treated in the emergency room of a local hospital.

Meanwhile, Grandma's no slouch either. To quote the article:

Jan Ruby Catton, 47, Vuich's mother, was charged with maintaining a drug house and a house of prostitution, and with second-degree child abuse. She pleaded no contest and was sentenced Wednesday to two years' probation.

Judge Switalski was quoted as saying:

"She is probably not a good caregiver," Switalski said of Catton, who has lost custody of the eight grandchildren under her care.

Gee, ya think?

THIS is the kind of crap you should be barking about, Rosie. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Britney's acting like a ho-bag, yes. But when you consider that Mommy AND Grandma
facilitated shooting up a twelve year old with heroin. THOSE kids should be living with you. Not Britney and her two sprouts. Britney (last we heard) has parents that can snap those kids up and take care of them...possibly other relatives as well. They probably NEED to...if they haven't been doing so already.

These kids don't have any kind of support that Britney's kids have access to.

What kind of brain damage do you think this boy sustained from the OD? He'll be floating along in foster care for the rest of his childhood. Chances of adoption are slim. In short - his potential for a good life has decreased by half AT LEAST. Same or worse with the 15-year-old girl.

Bark away on this one, Rosie. Then you might redeem yourself for the other stuff.


Finally, another round of "Yahoo's Answers vs. Sudiegirl's Wisdom"

First question:
I want to get pregnant but my boyfriend doesn't want any children what should i do?

Yahoo's answer:

Ok I wont tell you to leave him but one thing I wonder is, why stay with someone who wants something different out of life than you do.You want kids and he doesnt should that not show you maybe you two are not so compatable as you thought. Or is he saying not now but maybe someday, if so then you need to wait. Dont trick him, like some have suggested, unless you want to be a single Mom, as that may just be more than he can handle. You need to really sit down and have a serious talk with your man about what kind of life he really wants and see if that is what you want also.

Sudiegirl's wisdom:

Buy a dog. Buy a cat. Volunteer at various kid-oriented events.
However, if you aren't satisfied, change a diaper of a baby whose mother feeds him/her black beans. I guarantee if you wanted kids before, you won't want them after that.

Second question:

When a girl tells you "you are so manly" what does she actually mean??

Yahoo's answer:

i guess it probably means u are her dream man dude. and she might be crazy over you. chill!

Sudiegirl's wisdom:

It depends upon context and tone of voice.

If she's breathless and looks like she's going to pass out, it could be one of the following reasons:

a) She's hot for you

b) She's a really good actress

c) You're stepping on her oxygen tube.

If she's deadpan, it could be because:

a) She's sarcastic

b) She's on thorazine

c) She caught you with pink thong underwear on...and it's hers.

If she's laughing...just walk away and place a personal ad. It's not even worth it to ask if she's serious.

Final question:

What is the best and worst pick up line you know about?

Yahoo's answer:

Anyway, the worst: My goodness, are you working out? and ... nice top, but it will look better on my bathroom floor. Best: Your dady's willy must be a chillie because you are damn hot!

Sudiegirl's wisdom:

Best: Let's get a pizza and f**k. What's wrong, don't you like pizza? Worst: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...

That is all.