Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank you, Mr. Fab...

(The following is a paid review...however, I am not selling out...)

Mr. Fab turned me on to this site, as he is also a member.

However, I do want to give it a fair review.

The site's general look is nice and clear - easy to read. (Thanks to their web designer for that one...I hate squinting.)

The concept is one that I thought was pretty good, to be honest. Basically, it's a service that - if you sign up - you (as a blogger) can review products of your own choosing. In short, you can pick what you review, as opposed to reviewing a product you'd never buy in the first place. That makes the job a little easier.

Secondly, the customers come to you, so that's a plus as well - they're already looking at what you can do for them based on your blog's qualifications.

Again, I felt the site was laid out very well, the FAQ's were easy to understand, and the forms worked properly. I'm not sure I agree with the dollar amount they initially assigned my blog, but I do want to work on how to get more readers anyway. This method just makes it more viable.

So that's that, folks!