Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two-minute blogger - Sudiegirl's version - Slinkies and taking over the world.

Slinkies rock the house, man. Slinkies are made by Wham-O, but ofher companies rip them off. I like Metal Slinkies and I think that name would be a good name for a speed metal band if that even exists. Slinkies get tangled, though, and I just don't like it when that happens. I think slinkies could take over the world if they had strong leadership and a cache of nuclear weapons, but I don't think the security staff at Wham-O would let them out for an extended siege of any sort. Maybe the could do it in the stockroom.

(NOTE: The preceding paragraph was a challenge I issued to other NaBloWriMo conspirators to celebrate October as National Blog Writing Month. My challenge, from Aaron D. in the Phillipines, was "Slinkies and Taking over the World". If you would like to challenge your blogfriends, here's what you do. Pick a topic, and tell your friends that they have TWO minutes to write about that pre-research, no cut and paste...they've got to hit the ground writing - so to speak. So give it a bash, folks! What have ya got to lose...besides dignity?)