Sunday, October 01, 2006

special feature for the month of october - if you don't like it, read "Ziggy"

This picture is of my dad. A year ago this month was when he passed, so what I'm going to do every day for the month of October is relate a memory of my dad. I'm not sure why I'm doing this other than he deserves it. He was a pretty cool guy (and yes, I admit I'm prejudiced) and a lot of fun to be around.

OK...memory #1...

(and these are not in chronological order, mind you...more like Sudie scattered brain order...)

Dad loved his naps. (Maybe that's where I get it.) Anyway, Sunday afternoon wasn't complete without one of Dad's naps. However, Dad took a while to wake up (another trait I share with Dad, unfotunately). Sometimes it met with disastrous results.

When I was a little kid (7 years old or something), I LOVED to draw. I would draw animals, trees, the labels from cans and bottles on the table, you name it. The results were good for a seven year old kid, I guess.

One Sunday afternoon, my latest masterpiece was a still-life of a bowl of fruit that I did from memory. It wasn't great, but again, I was only seven. I was very proud of my work of art, and I saw that Daddy was waking up from his being a happy, artistically satisfied kid, I ran over to him and said, "Daddy! Look what I drew!"

Groggily, Dad squinted at it a little bit, and said, 'Why, that's a beautiful Viking boat!!"

I started to cry, and sobbed, "Daddy, it's a BOWL of FRUIT!!" Then I left with some semblance of dramatic flair and went to my room. Mom heard my tears and said, "Oh, Lord, John, what did you do now?"

Dad just shook his head and said, "I have NO idea." With that, he went to look for a cup of coffee.

More to come...and use the information for good, not evil.