Sunday, February 26, 2006

Two celebrity RIPs and snippets of other random hooey...

To the left is Don Knotts, and to the right is Darren McGavin. Both of these gents were great actors, and both have passed into that great studio canteen in the sky.

I admit, when I was a kid, Don Knotts scared the crap out of me because he was always so nervous. I gradually grew out of that and came to appreciate his sense of comic timing.
Darren McGavin holds a special place in my heart because of "A Christmas Story". Nobody else could have played the role of Ralphie's father quite like he did. And KOLCHAK! I think I was one of the only kindergarteners in my class that watched "The Night Stalker". (My parents were sometimes pretty progressive in their nurturing techniques, or else too absorbed in the show to remember to herd Ruthi and I off to bed.)

They're both great actors, and they will be missed. In the meantime, the heavens are filling up with funny and talented people so maybe it won't be so bad to go there. It's too bad I have to die to do it, though.

In other news, my Lamictal dosage has been gradually increasing, and it's strange...I just am calmer, but not in a stoned-out kind of way. I'm just calmer. It's kind of different for me, I guess. I don't lose my mind over little (or big) things like I did. I try to just work through things the best I can. Hell, I went to Target yesterday, and all I bought was a large soda and a soft pretzel! Today, I bought blank CDs and a couple books, plus two baking pans...but that was easy to do.

And speaking of cooking supplies (which are foreign to me anyway because I don't cook much), I was closely scrutinizing these new silicone baking dishes. Have you seen these? They're these rubbery things that the company swears up, down and sideways you can bake in. Keep in mind, silicone is also used in one out of two starlet's bustlines in Hollyweird, so it's kind of weird that the stuff in their boobs is the same stuff in these baking thingies. I did not buy them. At least, not yet. I may later on if I'm feeling adventurous.

Well, enough on that topic.

D and I are officially getting married NEXT spring instead of THIS spring. Between money, time and all that happy horses**t, it's just easier to wait. I'm OK with it, actually. Thank GOD people aren't expecting grandchildren out of this whole thing. Ain't happenin', folks.

Well, I'd better say toodle-oo for now, so I can be sharp and fresh for tomorrow.

who will definitely fill you in on those rubber baking thingies.