Saturday, February 18, 2006

OK...I didn't realize this was a problem either, but then again I don't get out much. Also, last night's public transportation adventure...

OH, forgot to mention...FREE PEANUTS! (Actually, I'm lying about the peanuts, but ANYWAY...)

OK. I try really hard to keep up on pop culture stuff, but I admit, this little beastie eluded me. What, pray tell, could I be talking about? Why, "God Kills a Kitten", of course.

Don't get me wrong...I am a Christian (with a sense of humor, but I figure if God created the platypus, He figures we all need a laugh, right?). I have also been made aware of the fact that too much masturbation is not a good thing, even though porn stars swear by it.

However, an e-mail from my loving "D" piqued my curiosity this morning. One of the pictures is here...

When I read the caption, I was confused. I asked Doug, "What's 'God Kills a Kitten'?" He didn't know, so I decided to look it up on the internet. Here's the ORIGINAL picture, and I am still not sure whether it was created with tongue firmly ensconsed in cheek:
When I saw this, I started laughing. Why? Well, because I know so many men that have killed kittens, some engaging in multiple homicides in one night. Also, I'm sure every teenager in America has killed at least one kitten. And what about people who engage in heavy petting? Say goodbye to Fluffy, folks. While this bodes well for people who hate cats, PETA will have a march or else work up some insipid sweatshirt for Paris Hilton to wear.

Of course, the internet community has worked up mockeries of this little picture that also make me laugh my sizable ass off. Here's one:

Meanwhile, this little gem describes what happens when the apocalypse comes...

So a pop culture question is answered for me, thanks to the wonder of the Internet. Sigh...

OK, on to the other topic...D was supposed to pick me up last night from work, and he was really late. We're talking, I was outside for an hour and he didn't show up. I went back into the building to call him (called both home and his part-time job), and a co-worker of mine loaned me a Metro fare card so I could take the train home. It wound up, between the train, two buses and me actually (GASP) WALKING - 3.5 hours to get home if you count the hour I waited in Silver Spring. Bleah.

It turned out that D was stuck in the mother of all traffic jams because of a car that had flipped over on the Beltway, and he wound up coming back here, then going back to Silver Spring again, then coming back home for one final time. I think last night's trouble was enough to prove to him that he needs to get a CELL PHONE. He doesn't want to seem pretentious, but at this point, I'd rather he seem that way just so I know where the HELL HE IS!

But I STILL AIN'T movin' back to Iowegia, so don't even try that route, folks. I'm here to stay.