Friday, January 27, 2006

She doesn't get it and neither does he...

OK...I must admit I missed yesterday's episode of "Oprah". I would usually follow that statement with "I'm OK with that, really..."

But I'm not today.

In light of the recent facts, I still think Frey's book is a good read, and from what I know about addicts and other troubled folks, sometimes they make up who they are because they're not happy with who they really are, or they simply don't remember things so they make up stuff to fill in the blanks for all involved, including themselves. But I do feel badly all the same that he BS'd his way through the process. He had to have known at some point that people were going to look at his book as the truth. It was marketed as such. He went along for the ride, he cashed the checks, and he played the part.

But what he forgot catches up. Maybe slowly, maybe fast, but it does get there.

What is "it"?

Life. The facts. People that you forgot were there, or weren't there.

My first boyfriend in high school was much like Frey. To use a well-worn phrase, "he didn't let the truth get in the way of a good story." And looking back, it was a bit sad because he was a nice guy and he didn't think who he was was enough. He "came from a broken home", idolized his absent father, toked up with his mother, and joined the Army to straighten himself out, but it didn't work. Not at all. So now he's 2 years shy of forty, and living a dead-end life, ignoring his only child (that we know of) and just not getting it.

But Oprah doesn't get it either.

Oprah forgot that one aspect of the addict's life; it's depicted in this joke: "How can you tell when an addict is lying? Their lips are moving."

That's the core of addiction right there. That's the 800-lb. gorilla an addict has to get off his or her back.

We've all told lies (I know I have)...from little white ones to giant purple flame breathing ones. But addicts are the geniuses of lying...until it catches up with them.

I don't know who's right or who's wrong, but I wish for both their sakes this hadn't happened.