Monday, January 23, 2006

The question should really be: WHO CARES?

WHICH model-actress-whatever has some problems in the hygiene department? (Marilyn Monroe did, according to Peter Lawford...)Famous for showing flesh and flashing smiles at all the chicest parties, this downtown wild child has a certain scent about her. Snotty scenesters blame it on her foreign upbringing, but she was raised here in the city . . . I don’t know, but maybe she’s homeless? Either that, or she’s not making enough money at modeling/actressing/whatevering to afford soap or deodorant? Does she have lice too? Is she constantly scratching? Boy, what a glamorous life she leads!

WHICH aging actress who claims that her strangely youthful face has been untouched by a surgeon's scalpel practically has a house account at a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's office? . . . I dunno…ALL OF ‘EM?

WHICH A-list actress who is having trouble getting pregnant might have her mild case of anorexia to blame? Again, ALL OF ‘EM?