Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A meme I cribbed from FTS, and some grumblings...

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

  1. 1. Get a dog of my own

  2. 2. Oh god, I don’t know…I’m skipping this one.
Seven things I can do:

  1. Sing

  2. Crochet

  3. Read

  4. boil water

  5. I can tell Mel Blanc, Daws Butler and Don Messick apart by their voices

  6. Find middle “C” on a piano keyboard

  7. Type.
Seven things I can’t do:

  1. Play piano (at least not very well)

  2. Play clarinet

  3. knit

  4. see without glasses or contacts

  5. play football

  6. skate

  7. hula-hoop
Seven things that attract me to another person:

  1. A sense of humor

  2. pretty eyes

  3. a good personality

  4. nice rear end

  5. nice to kids

  6. nice to animals

  7. nice to me
Seven things I say most often:

  1. Oh my god!

  2. Shut up!

  3. Oh my god, shut up!

  4. CIO’s office, may I help you?

  5. Millie, get out of the garbage!

  6. What?

  7. Could you repeat that?
Seven people to do this little blogger game:
I don’t think I’ll tag anyone, but feel free to steal this thingie.

OK, I’m officially sad. Why?
Independence AIR is closing on Thursday! I’m really bummin’! I flew on that airline once from Dulles to Chicago, and it was quite comfy. The only weirdness was that they pre-recorded the flight safety instructions, and who do you think was the personality giving us the instructions? Chuck Berry. Must have been part of his community service. I was expecting him to burst out in song…”Oh Maybelline…use the seat belt”

At any rate, I’m really BUMMED about this. It’s not fair! I mean, United doesn’t give you hot towelettes or cookies…but Independence Air does. I want my cookie. I want my hot towelette. And now, I can’t fly to Chicago on the cheap to harass my best friend from college. This makes me very cranky. What am I gonna do?

Let’s see…what else can I emote about?

Well, I am trying to keep the miners that are trapped in West Virginia in my “good thoughts” file. I feel for their families…that’s got to be scary. It just goes to show you that even if you think your life is hard, it’s better than being trapped in a coal mine. LOTS better.

I guess that’s it for now. But it’ll always change!