Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy '06...first entry o' the year!

This pic is from, and I've decided I need a shirt like this to get ready for next year.

Well, the first day of 2006 is over, and I didn't kill anyone. I realize that for some this may be an easy goal to attain, but it really all depends on who you spend time with, huh?

Remember the lovely family D and I spent Thanksgiving with? Well, we spent New Year's Day with them too. Don't get me wrong...I do like them, but there's a lot of tension there that needs to be taken care of with therapy. I ain't licensed, so it shouldn't be me. We wound up making it OK, but there were a few tense moments at lunch. Thank goodness I am the mistress of distraction...that's an added bonus when one is already the queen of non-sequitors.

Anyway, my day tomorrow (since I have it off, being a government contractor and all) is up in the air, but D will be home with me so we'll be up in the air together, I guess. I imagine I will be on the rampage looking for odd news items and headlines to molest, as usual, but I may actually get some cleaning done too. Who knows?

BTW, if anyone that reads this is into biographies, I'm reading one called The Kennedy Women by Lawrence Leamer. It's about the women in the Kennedy clan, starting with Joe's mother Bridget in the 1800's. You've probably read my various and sundry rants about the Kennedys, but the more I read, the more intrigued I am with their mindset in the time they were children and young adults. I mean, they were actually OK with being placed second fiddle to the boys. Don't get me wrong...the Kennedy mens' names have all gone down in the history books, but it's like the girls were accepting of their father treating them as though they were inferior, and the mother did it too! I guess I am too damned liberated, or a latent anarchist or something. I'll bet if I were Joe's kid, I'd be lobotomized just like Rosemary just to shut me up. Oh any rate, read the book and compare their lives to your own. I think I have a pretty good one, even though I'm not rich or powerful...I'm treated pretty OK for the most part.

And with that, I shall be back whenever the hell I wanna! So NYAH!